3i Africa Summit FAQs

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What is the 3i Africa Summit about?

The 3i Africa Summit stands as a ground-breaking global gathering – uniting leaders from governments, businesses, investors, and academia in a collective effort to deliberate and collaborate on unleashing Africa’s digital economic potential empowered by Fintech.

What is the main purpose of the 3i Africa Summit?
  • Showcasing Innovation and Curating Investment:  The summit is committed to spotlighting the vast potential and abundant opportunities within the African digital economy and FinTech landscape. Its overarching mission is to act as a catalyst, attracting investment capital from both, within the continent and globally, thereby fostering growth and development in this dynamic sector.
  • Policy and Regulatory Development: By engaging regulators and policymakers in insightful dialogues, the summit aspires to ignite the creation of progressive policies and robust regulatory frameworks that will effectively promote the growth and long-term sustainability of the sector.
  • Promoting Innovation and Impact:  The summit is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant culture of innovation and offering robust platforms for exchanging ideas. This concerted effort will bolster the creation of ingenious solutions designed to address Africa’s distinctive challenges and capitalize on its abundant opportunities.
When and where is the 3i Africa Summit taking place?

The 3i Africa Summit will come off from 13 – 15 May, 2024 at the Accra International Conference Center in Accra, Ghana.

What are the focal areas of the 3i Africa Summit?
  • Digital Economy Policy: Crafting policies that strike a balance between innovation, risk management, and inclusive growth.
  • Digital Economic Growth and Development: Facilitating digital transformation as a catalyst for job creation and equitable prosperity across Africa.
  • Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity: Constructing the technological backbone for economic expansion and global trade.
  • Technology and Innovation: Leveraging technology to address Africa’s challenges while forging new opportunities, and expanding Africa’s emerging technology and innovation sector to foster growth and create new opportunities
  • Human Capital: Investing in Africa’s youth and nurturing the development of digital skills required for the future.
  • Growth Capital: Cultivating and amplifying investment resources to harness Africa’s growth potential.
  • Sustainability and Climate Change: Forging sustainable and climate-resilient technology solutions for a greener future. 

Who should attend the 3i Africa Summit?
  • Tech Entrepreneurs & Executives 
  • Fintechs & Innovators
  • Chief Technology Officers 
  • AI Enthusiasts 
  • Finance Industry Leaders
  • Government Leaders
  • Financial Sector Policy makers & Regulators
  • Central Bank Executives 
  • Bank Executives 
  • Asset Managers & Investment Firms
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms 
  • Family Office Executives 
  • Development Finance Institutions 
  • Researchers & Thought-leaders
  • Professional Services Providers 
  • Financial Inclusion Champions
  • Non-Profits 


Why must I attend the 3i Africa Summit ?

The Summit offers a number of opportunities to attendees across backgrounds. Notable among them are: 

  • Investment Opportunities
  • Lead Generation
  • Network Expansion
  • Participation in Dialogues
  • Talent Access
What is the program overview of the 3i Africa Summit ?

The 3i Africa Summit is designed with a wide range of activities and side events that are tailor-made for its diverse target audiences. They include but not limited to: 

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Policy and Industry Dialogues
  • Workshop & Roundtable Sessions
  • The Fintech & Digital Tech Exhibition
  • The Deal Room
  • Co-investment platforms
  • Networking Sessions
How can I register for the 3i Africa Summit?

Kindly click this link to register for this event. Information on tickets and promotional deals will be available from January, 2024

Are there opportunities for sponsorships and exhibitions at the 3i Africa Summit?

Yes, the Summit offers sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for organizations, firms and individuals to showcase their innovations, products, services and projects to a rich and relevant global audience. Please contact our sponsorship team for more information at

How can I stay updated on 3i Africa Summit developments, news and announcements?

Visit our website for all the latest news and announcements regarding the Summit. Registered attendees will also receive regular updates. 

Is there a virtual option for registered persons who cannot attend the event in person?

No, there will be no virtual option.